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Internationa Music Video Awards

Hello friends, we have great news for you. We decided to bring you the

best video of the week every Sunday that caught the attention of our jury.

The video will be promoted on social networks and the website. Your video can also attract a wide audience and the one that gets the most likes on our INSTAGRAM will go directly to the list for the live screening that will take place on May 25, 2024 in Budapest.

Music video of the 19th week

The Grund - Budapest

The mission of the IMVA International Music Video Awards is to expand the boundaries of traditional filmmaking by creating a "visual symphony" in which music will play a major role. An international demonstration of music video is to celebrate and educate those who combine two powerful platforms of music and film.

 Combining image with music creates the long-awaited "integral cinema" that adds another dimension and power to visual messages. At the same time, it gives the second life music itself, which allows us to visualize images inspired by melodies, which are often lost in the subconscious.

As one of the youngest genres in the film industry, it is a video clip, an audiovisual work whose sound component is the whole or substantially a record of the artistic performance of a musical work.

The city of Budapest does not need recommendations. It is one of the largest places in the world where you can also listen to all kinds of music. Its diverse ethnic and cultural community has contributed to the establishment and maintenance of several musical genres. Budapest is also well known for its film culture.  Cinema.


 See you in Budapest!

IMDb Qualifying Competition

IMDb Qualifying Competition

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